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angelina shemale escort ts porn

with one kiss
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Angelina, wonderful and easygoing.

Hi there! My name is Angelina and I am a 22 years old genuine Italian independent escort.

I live in Lugano even though, I spend my time all around the world. I've been shemale since I was 16 years old, thanks to that my look can be so feminine. If you're wondering whether I am pre or post operated well, proud to say I'm still pre-op!

I enjoy to see the world and all its varied and unique inhabitants. I can definitely say that you guys are so different from place to place. I have an amiable, relaxed personality and natural gift for conversation that I hope we won't end up in bed only..

My daily look could be expressed as a fresh casual passable young woman in jeans on high heel shoes, not to mention that, underneath I love wearing sexy lingerie if I might face to a pleasurable and intimate liasion.

I love being accompanied for dinners or better nice weekends by TS lovers, as I said, I would like to remember you even outside of an hotel room.

If this is your first time and you feel ready well, it will be a pleasure for me to experience those fantasies you have been keeping with you all the time. If I promise you it will be the perfect date ever, I could sound arrogant which I am not but, I can make sure WE will find a way to have a special date! Just to ensure it won't be the last one :-)

Last but not least, I am 175 cm tall and weight 58 kilos. I have a C breast and my tail is 20x5 cm. Not to forget my mediterranean skin which is soft and silk.

A must taste!

A big kiss,

Your Angelina


  • Top (active) and bottom (passive)
  • Body massage
  • Deep throat
  • Cum over my/your body
  • Role play
  • Soft Domination
  • And more upon request....

Tour & Dates

Don't miss me!

Current city

I'm in Bern, Switzerland

Upcoming cities in 2014

  • Stavanger
  • Bergen
  • Copenhagen
  • Geneve
  • Bern
  • Basel
  • Istanbul
  • TelAviv
  • Dubai
  • Sydney and Perth
  • Singapore
  • Shanghai
  • Hong Kong